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The Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers is the governing body of the Northern Ireland Area which is affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Associations). The Northern Ireland Area was setup to promote the sport and its many disciplines to the public and support competitors at national and international events. We have a committee in place that manage the area and are responsible for all the clubs in Northern Ireland. This website has lots of information that we hope will encourage people to join us in this exciting sport. We hope you enjoy browsing and welcome any questions or comments you may have.
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Firstly may I apologise for not updating last month but family circumstances deemed I did not have much free time on my hands. I did however get to a few events and have some photos I also have some photos courtesy of Rodney Kee of North Downs' Fly-in which I couldn't attend and Matthew Poots has kindly given me permission to use photos from the IMAC event at Newbuildings. Thanks chaps it's much appreciated.
The Causeway Coast MFC had a Fly-in which I attended and had a few flights at a very enjoyable day and one that brings back lots of good old memories to me it was nice to fly there again after such a long period.
My own club The Buzzards MFC decided to have an end of season fly-in on the 21st of September and it was a great success lots of people, lots of models, always something in the air and as usual we put on the BBQ and no one went home hungry, how many people were there we don't know but we went through 2 boxes of 48 burgers each and a box of sausages so it must have been over 100 in attendance, the weather was absolutely fantastic which just made the day. We had never had a Jet at the site before and were suprised when 3 turned up and all flew together for one flight, Seamus O'Donnel, Stuarty Porter and Stephen Brown all in formation (a video is inluded below of that not to be missed), Rodney Kees flew some lovely 3d with his Helicopters. The Buzzards would like to thank you guys for the demo flights you put on and to all who came and made it a memorable day.

Below are some photosof North Downs Fly-in, The Causeway Coast Fly-in, IMAC and The Buzzards Fly-in, for your perusal

Don't forget to Attend the Area AGM on the 12th November, come and support the Area an make your Clubs voice heard don't worry about getting a job I think there all taken.

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North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

North Down Fly-in photo courtesy of Rodney Kee

Sorry but I have no captions and a big Thank You to Rodney for the Photos
The Causway Coast Model Flying Club Fly-In.

Gathering up for The Causeway Coast Model Flying Club Fly-in

Seamus O'Donnels models

Robert Wallaces Mustang

Clifford Wallace as usual the wrong way up

Ken Taylor, Ian Robb, Robert Wallace and Alan Gilpin trying to figure out which way Cliford Wallace will go next.

Alan Gilpin on finals with his 30cc petrol S-Bach
IMAC at The North West

The prizes for the Charity Raffle

Three happy faces

Harry with his Extra

Hard working judges

Ian Johnston Flying

Group photo

Two crackin pilots in there field Matthew Poots and David Nolan
For a Full Report and more photos about IMAC visit Matthews website Aerobatics Northen Ireland
The Buzzards MFC Fly-In

Seamus lands after the first flight of a jet at The Buzzards site.

A turbine Boomerang with wind farm background

Think this is Stuarty Porters jet on finals

Stuartys big Stearman absolutely Beautiful

Some action in the Pits

The observation Gallery

The Gallery is popular and a safe place with an excellent view.

Ricky Wallace a happy man.

Clifford "The Chef" Wallace though we usually call him other names, great job done

Peter O'Kane, Seamus O'Donnel and Juliano set the Multis up.
The Backdrop in the shed
Seamus O'Donnels BUZZ

Rodney Kee prepares for a flight

Seamus O'Donnel recieves a bottle for his jet flight with Stuarty and Stephen.

Stephen Brown recieves his bottle

Stuarty Porter recieves his bottle.

A bottle of a different kind for Bill Scott 4 in fact all super glue from pounland which he won for best crash.