Below is a new layout for the website homepage this has been done by John Thick of the Craigavon Club and next years Area PRO( I think I will add a helicopter, turbine and multirotor photos to it) I have moved the previous page to one called latest photo page, all photos are also copied to the Gallery pages anyway. Also a lot of attention has been given in the Media to multicopters and not good news I do not intend to preach to the converted as on my travels in the area and at the Multi-copter event in July I know that BMFA members are flying responsibly, we do not have the authority to police the masses of non BMFA members but can only encourage safe and legal flying. In my opinion the BMFA and CAA should be reminding the shops that sell these on the high street the legal requirements. (BMFA Guidelines are reproduced on the Area News page for any visitors contemplating purchasing a multirotor model).

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Association of Aeromodellers, the governing body for the Northern Ireland Area, affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Associations). We promote the sport's many disciplines to the public and support competitors at national and international events.

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This website has lots of information that we hope will encourage people to join us in this exciting sport. We hope you enjoy browsing and welcome any questions or comments you may have.
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