Nimsa's Electric competition

Section for the quite boys, electric gliders as well

Nimsa's Electric competition

Postby Andrew Wallace » Sun Jul 20, 2014 4:04 pm

some pictures from todays electric only competition
electric 002.jpg
pits area
electric 004.jpg
Tommy Magee only person not flying a radian
electric 005.jpg
Frank talking to Ronnie about his bitsa model
electric 007.jpg
Waynes Radain money well spent :-)
electric 001.jpg
Wayne putting in a great flight
electric 010.jpg
Wayne counting all the scores up
electric 011.jpg
3rd Place man today after 8 rounds Sam Phenix
electric 012.jpg
2nd place man after 8 rounds Richard Boyd
electric 013.jpg
1st place man today after 8 rounds Andrew Wallace
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