Welcome to the NIAA forum

Welcome to the NIAA Forum
as it is important you register with your full real name, if you do not then your registration will be rejected or removed.

Welcome to the NIAA forum

Postby admin » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:46 pm

Guests are welcome to access this forum and browse the contents, however, if you wish to participate and make a post within any of the forums you will need to register.
Registration at present is only open to NIAA area 13 club members. Members will however be permitted to nominate an outside registration of someone they know who is interested in joining the forum but not a Area club member.

Some areas will be not be viewable to non registered members, and there will also be a closed forum, visible to the NIAA committee only, for internal committee matters.

You must Register with your full real name, (first & surname) which will become your user name i.e. highflyer123 is not allowed. You must also add your NIAA club name.
The reasons for this is:-

1. Helps prevent Spambot registrations (spam on forums)
2. Everyone has a right to know who they are communicating with.
3. Each Club will have their own private forum only viewable to club members so real names are needed for this.
4. If we need to identify members for special access permission, then we can do this quickly and easily.
5. Helps keep the board from bogus posters etc and so makes the board better for you.

For now each new registration has to be activated by the NIAA Forum Admin but we will do our best to do this quickly, the more accurate your registration the quicker this will be.

Once you have got access to the forum, update your profile from the user control panel shown on the top left, if you do not have automatic registration for your club forum then in the user control panel you can submit a request to join.
Also if you are a member of two or three clubs then you will need to request membership of the others as well.

Main Forum Rules
No political, religious, or other off-topic discussions.
The NIAA reserves the right to remove any entry that does not conform to the above,
and can ban users from this site as a temporary measure or given a permanent ban.
These rules can be added or removed at anytime by the NIAA
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