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Posting Pictures

Postby admin » Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:39 pm

Please post all photos to the forum by uploading them directly (how to details see other thread) and not by posting a link to other third party hosts like photobucket, flicker etc.
This way the pictures then become an integrated part of the thread and wont go missing over time as seen so often on other forums when using third party hosting.
This is to preserve the information on the forum and not contain blank posts when pictures get removed because someone change their directory's or the hosting changes server details and links are broken.

This way we can also control the size of the image, there is no advantage in having to scroll left or right up and down to view a oversize picture for your screen. 99% of the images viewed on forums are just quickly looked at and only need to be of adequate size to see what is presented.

Images that are uploaded from third party hosts that are too big for page and require scrolling to be viewed will be deleted.

Max photo size is 805x805
Large format Photos should be resized down to 800 wide.

If you do not know how to resize pictures then you can do it easily online with some simple online programs like or

There are also lots of programs you can download to your computer like, paintshop pro and probably the software that came with your camera has a resize option plus many others.

Please feel free to post alternative ways of resizing pictures to help others.
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