How to tutorial upload pictures/files

How to post photographs, videos and other links on the forum

How to tutorial upload pictures/files

Postby admin » Sun Dec 29, 2013 2:10 pm

In order to post a picture into a thread you must hit "Post Reply" button you cannot add pictures when using quick post.

There are different ways to present your pictures in your threads. You can have them inline with your text or just all at the end/bottom.

Inline with the text is useful when showing things like instructions or build stages.
You write some text, show a picture then write more text underneath it followed by another picture and so on similar to the way the instructions are laid out below.

Pictures at the bottom/end of the thread are normally just for general posting like "some pictures from yesterdays flying"

To add a picture scroll down to the bottom of the new post box till you see this screen then click the "upload attachment" tab along the top.
picture upload1.jpg

Click "Browse" and screen below showing files on your computer will come up, Find the photo/file you wish to upload on your computer and click open.
picture upload2.jpg

This screen will then appear showing your picture/file in the box beside Browse. You can also add a comment or title for your file in the box below e.g. "Spitfire panel line detail" after this click "Add the file" to upload it to the forum.
picture upload3.jpg

If you scroll down again you will see your files in the "Posted Attachments" box, you can change or add a comment here as well, also delete the file if it is the wrong one.
If you wish to add your picture inline with text as explained above, you must first place the cursor in your text where you would like the picture to go, then click on the Place Inline button.
picture upload4.jpg

Your text will then show as below some html code with details of the picture where you had the cursor. If it is in the wrong place you can start again or simply cut and paste the [attachment text] to the correct location.
picture upload5.jpg

If you dont want the pictures inline with your text, just upload the amount of pictures you want, and they will all appear at the bottom of your post.
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