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About Club Public & Private Forums

Postby admin » Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:36 am

Each club has a public and a Private forum.

When you select a club from the list on the main index page, any NIAA forum member can then post or view a topic inside this public club forum.

This is where general about your club stuff should be posted, public announcements, details of flyins, pictures, and general stuff that other people on the NIAA forum can see.

The Private forum is for Club members only. Only current members of each club will be given access to this forum. This can be used for internal club matters, club meetings, it's jonnys time to cut the grass, notices of membership renewal etc.

To join your club private forum, go to your user control panel and click on the usergroups tab, you then can tick the club or clubs you are a member off and submit a request. The Club group leader will then be notified and can activate your request.
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